Our Team

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Carol Wehle-Howard

Mrs. Wehle-Howard is the owner of a small woman-owned full service civil engineering firm. The Carol Group is comprised of highly regarded experts in a variety of fields and specializes in agriculture, water resources, and federal issues. She has served in a hands-on capacity in a number of high-level leadership positions throughout most of her professional career. As a result her expertise in the field of water resources management is among the best.

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W. R. Howard Jr., P.E.
Vice President

Walter Robert Howard Jr. received his bachelors degree in civil engineering from University of Florida and his masters degree in civil engineering from Georgia Tech. For the last 35 years, Mr. Howard has been a recognized professional in the area of water resources as noted by his membership on the independent technical review team for post Katrina damage assessments which was formed to report its independent technical findings to the U S Army Corps of Engineers. Presently, Mr. Howard serves as the Vice President of the Carol Group, providing engineering oversight for the various experts that serve this company. From agricultural issues to flood control challenges to everglades restoration Mr. Howard’s background is broad and all-encompassing of water resource engineering projects.